Apples and Oranges
Patchman is able to grow a wide variety of plants. If he's in the mood to.

Nectar Flower
Grow it, water it, harvest it, throw it, eat it, and spit it out!

Sheeple Brochure
Collect symbols, visit vending machines, and eat yummy packaged food! Ignore those tubes tho...

Drones Pamphlet
Hovering robotic machines that patrol the cities, keeping the Sheeple in line!


Patchman in Suit
Where it all began. Will you help Patchman shake off his suited shackles?

Office Meeting
Blending in at the office, or officially blended in?

Karate Chop Door!
When Patchman goes through a doorway, he does so dramatically!

Ode to Toilet
Even the smallest, smelliest details deserve attention...


Fruit to Seed to Plant - Our Growing System
We'd like to share early info on one of our key in-game mechanics: plant growth.

Nectar Flower - Simple Concept to Complex Creation
New plant in our game. Grow, water harvest, throw, eat and spit it out!

Intro: The Sheeple
Collect symbols, visit vending machines, and eat yummy packaged food!

Dastardly Devious Drones!
Fast, dangerous machines that give Patchman heaps of anxiety!


Migrating our Game Art Assets into Sprite Sheets
For our first blog entry we'd like to go over one of the technical challenges we faced!

Coding the Sheeple: AI in a Realtime Physics World
Their brains are composed of a "problem -> solution(s) -> plan(s)" system.

Designing the Drones
Debugging, developing, and duplicating these adorable robots.

Eating With Two Hands From A Fridge
Eating from a fridge with two hands; or, the toughest Lua code written.

Code and Design Pixel Art Illustration Art

Extensive experience building and creating projects combined with a nonstop drive to get them finished. Any project is in good hands with this fellow!

Coloring genius, pixel placment perfectionist, Ihor recently moved to Canada from Ukraine and bumped into Dave at their first Calgary Game Developers meetup.

No one getes character like Karly does, all of the comic art, first rounds of initial concept art and nature were done by Karly.

Impossible to sum up in words, Binster aka .mpegasus is an undiscovered gem making video-game-styled techno. His epic tun "Part Man Part Machine" is featured prominently in our trailer.
Hailed by Paul Oakenfold as one of the best producers of the new fluoro sound: uplifting trance combined with full-on psy. Check his driving tune "Control Protocl" in our Drongs Pamphlet video.
Blue Lunar Monkey
Straight outta Mexico, this euphoric trance and chillout producer has been entertaining festival folk for decades. His tune "Wonderland" can be heard in our Nectar Flower teaser.
Keith MacBain
A Canadian up-and-comer, we've worked closely with Keith to craft an amazing theme song for our game. One of his experimental pieces can be heard in our Sheeple Brochure game footage clip.
Donald Mensah
Donald is a brilliant and relentessly perfecting sound crafter, creating an array or robotic starup and shutdown sounds for our Drone army.
Matt Johnson
Matt is one of the best producers of funky, funny inspiring, clever music. Festival DJ's, if they are in the know, come to Matt for his unreleased music. He has generated laser sounds for our Drone army.
Bryan Cuddahy
Ultra-productive sprite-bead creator, Bryan smushed together perlers in record time to deliver full-suit Patchman and Patchfaces - and he'll quickly do it again if you order some.
Adam Muhieddine
Adam is a hard-working game developer hobbyist and was one of the first to contribute to our game. He has made slick directional-pad GUI components for the touch-screen HUD.
Stepan Agalakov
Stepan recently jumped aboard after seeing our trailer premiere to help out with our Smash Goals image. Not only is he a quick and tallanted artist, he has coding chops and experiments with game design.

The mobile platform for pro game developers
Lua IDE, editor, debugger for Windows
A 2D Physics Engine for Games
Easy to use and flexible tile map editor
The GNU Image Manipulation Program
The MATE desktop environment for Linux

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